Created Mar 23, 2012

Smokey Stover Jr.

Politiclly liberal dilettante with too much education, too little expertise more

Born and raised in Western New York State -- Macedon (1sst grade), Clymer, Homer, Elba High School graduate.
B.A. Hamilton College, graduate school at UCBerkeley and Harvard.

Wide range of interests -- science, politics, history, evolution, morality. The two latter are connected, in that morality, however defined, is a gift of evolution.

I watch MSNBC and other commentary shows on TV, read Time magazine, and belong to no organized party ( I vote Democratic).

I am deeply interested in animal welfare and the role of humans as stewards of the planet. .


Shows The Rachel Maddow Show

People Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Matthews, Alex Wagner

Issues Climate, Economy, Equality